Felix Bouma is an experienced UI designer and design lead and CEO of Telos. Marial Leonidakis is head of PR & HR and Milo Herder is business development manager. Mauricio is the engineering lead and guides the team in building something that lasts. Lastly, Alessandro and Dana are our talented primary coders and Meteus is our latest great addition to the prototype team. Together we are exclusively releasing Telos Alpha beginning of 2022.
The Name
Leaders proclaim ‘focus’ as the decisive factor in getting what you want out of life. Unfortunately, focus is very misunderstood as it is not the answer but an unactionable epiphenomenon — a second-order symptom. 

Telos (τέλος) is a philosophical concept meaning ‘the supreme end of men’s endeavour’. Knowing exactly where we want to be, and then planning backwards, is the only way to move forward. 

Wishful thinking in the ear of the listener has allowed leaders to unwarrantedly keep praising the wrong thing for decades. Focus is a means to an end — it's telos. Nurture your unambiguous telos and relentless focus will ensue.
At Telos, we believe every human being feels the innate desire to live, love, learn, and leave a legacy. We foster a future where more autotelic hearts and telic minds walk this earth and experience indelible moments. Offline. Together. 
Elevator pitch
For people overwhelmed by the volume and velocity of modern life. Always distracted by newsfeeds and chats  designed to hold attention indefinitely. Who are in search of themselves, focus, privacy, and offline companionships, our app, Telos, equips people with the essentials to deliberate, communicate and collaborate in the 21st Century.

Unlike social networks which are centred around self-comparison, increasing screen time which leaves us more: addicted, constantly interrupted, lonely, confused, and overwhelmed.

Free of charge, we offer the world’s first social framework centred around self-development. A wholesome all-in-one system for all your to-do’s, reminders, events, habits, projects, and much more in order to direct time and energy in harmony with values, as we put our phones back in our pockets as fast as we possibly can.